December news - Snake alert

Residents of the Blue Mountains love the natural beauty of our home, but unfortunately the increase in the number of red bellied black snakes, and brown snakes, has meant an increase in the number of pets suffering snake bite.

If you have chickens on your property, or lots of frogs, then you are the likely but unsuspecting host for snakes.

Pet Friends has a helpful fact sheet "Snakes in your backyard".

So if you are concerned about snakes, please call in and pick up your copy. Being well informed will help you minimize the risks to your family, and your pets.

Pictured is Dr Gary Lai treating Penny. Penny has been bitten by a red bellied black snake. Penny has made a complete recovery. Fortunately Penny is insured with PROSURE Pet insurance, so 80% of the total cost of Penny's treatment will be rebated. See for more.

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