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Worms hurt my tummy - please get the proper treatment from PetFriends

Some "All Wormers" on sale at supermarkets are antiquated, ineffective, and have severe side effects.

Beware of a supermarket wormer with "mebendazole" as the active ingredient. Google this to discover how terrible this particular product is - we stopped using this about 30 years ago, as safer and more effective wormers became available.

Pet owners are naturally very upset to be told that they have bought a product that is unsafe and ineffective. Unfortunately pet medicine registration in Australia is very deficient, so old and discredited medicine are on sale.

We only supply products that are safe and effective, and we make every effort to ensure that our prices are very competitive.

Our friendly staff are trained in all the different products available, and can advise you on what is best for your particular pet.

The actual dose of worm medicine is based on your pet's weight - you are welcome to pop in to Winmalee and Faulconbridge to get your pet's latest weight. We will enter that in your pet's history file, and we can graph the way your pet's weight changes over time.

Did you know that pets that play with lizards are liable to pick up a rare tapeworm that is common in the Blue Mountains - Spirometra Erinacea.

We have special worm tablets that should be used every 3 months to treat these special tape worms.

If your pet plays with lizards then please contact us to get the special tablets.

We can discuss different ways to give the medications, including easy to use spotton treatments.

And if you have problems pilling your cat, we provide a free administration service for medicines purchased from our practice.

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