Fond Memories Memorial Service (update)

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02 4754 4333

Faulconbridge Vet Hospital
453 Great Western Hwy, access via Coomassie Ave
NSW 2776

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Last weekend marked the passing of one year since the bush fires that devastated Winmalee and the surrounding areas.  The last year has been a time of extraordinary resilience and drawing together as we have mourned with those who have been through extraordinary hardship.  It has been a sobering week as we were reminded of the loss experienced by many, and in particular those who suffered great loss, such as the loss of a house, treasured belongings, and even the loss of a beloved family pet.  


Greencross PetFriends was privileged to host a memorial service last week for all pets loved and lost, particularly remembering the pets lost in last year’s fires.  Roz Blair and Dr Russell hosted the afternoon in Dr Chris’ absence as he was battling a nasty flu.  Roz acknowledged the massive contribution of so many in the community who tended to the animals alongside us.  Patricia from Wires was thanked for her tireless work throughout the fires in looking after the many native animals.  Patricia was moving in her tribute to the native animals, many of whom lost their lives or their habitat during the fires.  We were honoured to have Mayor Mark Greenhill, Councillor Mick Fell, Mrs Roza Sage MP, David and Patricia from the Blue Mountains RSPCA and Michelle Alber from Sydney Pet Rescue and Adoption.  Many people from the local community came to pay tribute to the pets lost in last years fires and drink a toast in their memory.  


In particular, we acknowledge the contribution made by Caroline Milne as she continues to mourn the loss of her 6 precious cats Rex, Miki, Bryce, Koyuki, Mochi and Kira and her cockatiel Frankie in last year’s fires.  Caroline was instrumental in devising the service and spoke of her heart-wrenching experience with during the afternoon.   Caroline has very kindly designed the granite memorial stone that now sits in the front garden of Greencross Petfriends as a tribute to all animals loved and lost.  View the gallery of the afternoon on our FaceBook page.  


We feel a deep sympathy towards everyone who mourns the loss of a pet and hope that in a small way the memorial garden might provide some comfort to those who grieve.  Anyone in  the community who would like to take a moment to sit quietly and remember their pet is most welcome in the memorial garden.  

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