PetFriends Update on the pets injured by the Springwood area bushfires

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Winmalee Vet Hospital
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02 4754 4333

Faulconbridge Vet Hospital
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02 4751 6388

Dear Friends and Neighbours,
Please read these updates on pets that have been hurt in the Springwood area bushfires, and what you can do to help.


1. Register for free food

Please click on this link to register for free pet food - after you have registered please pick up your food at PetFriends Faulconbridge, next to Faulconbridge Chinese Restaurant, access via Coomassie Avenue at rear. Tel 4751 6388. This free pet food is to help people who have suffered from the bush fires, not free pet food for everyone.

This web site was built in haste by a caring web expert who donated her services.


2. Make a donation of pet food

People can donate pet food - we can only accept tins of pet food or unopened bags of pet food. Please deliver to PetFriends Faulconbridge Veterinary Clinic during normal office hours


3. Free Vet Treatment for fire affected pets

Take fire affected pets to PetFriends Winmalee and Faulconbridge - they will be cared for at no charge. We will scan them for a microchip, and find out their owners' details. We will also put a photo of the pet on our Facebook page - this has worked extraordinarily well.

Pets injured from the fires are treated at no charge. Currently we have provided $30,000 of treatment to fire injured pets, with over 350 consultations.

Please phone for an appointment - 4754 4333 Winmalee, and 4751 6388 for Faulconbridge. Ensure your pets are secure - on a leash, or in a cage or box.


4. Make a donation to help with the costs of treating pets injured by the bushfires

We have had many emails asking how to make a donation to help the pets injured by the fires.

This website enables you to make a donation via PayPal.

Or you can make a direct debit into our dedicated bank account:

Winmalee Veterinary Clinic Pty Ltd
BSB : 032 278
Account: 544 244

5. PetFriends are treating fire affected pets free of charge

PetFriends Winmalee (4754 4333) and Faulconbridge (4751 6388) are treating pets affected by the fires free of charge. So far we have given over $30,000 of treatment to affected pets, with approximately 350 consultations. Exact figures are as yet unknown as we treated many pets when the power blackout was on, and we have yet to update our computer records from those paper files.

We are treating all pets, regardless of who their usual vet is. We are unaware of any other veterinary practice giving free treatment.

We are treating all pets injured in fires at no charge; we are happy to treat pets that usually go to another vet, as we are not aware of anyone else offering this service.

Please note that this free treatment is only for injuries caused directly by the fires.


6. Lost and Found Pets Registry is working well

We have had numerous lost pets dropped off to us, and reunited with their owners. It is so humbling to see the joy of the family to find their missing pet alive and well in our care. We then learn that all they have is the clothes they wear - everything else was lost when their house burnt down. They say "our family and our pets are safe, and that's all that matters."

The bravery of of these every day heroes is incredible.


7. Facebook page amazing

Thanks to our dedicated face book mavens, Dawn Anderson and Penny Jackson. Penny is recovering in hospital after major surgery - our thoughts are with Penny and we wish her a speedy and complete recovery. If you haven't already, log onto our Facebook page - please Like our page. 

Here is a photo of Dr Russel with Buddy, who made an amazing escape from the fires. Buddy has had 3 operations and is now recuperating with his grandparents, as his parents' house was burnt.


Dr Chris Blair
on behalf of the team of vets, nurses and volunteers

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