Ticks are now active all year round

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In recent years ticks have become active in winter, so you must use tick protection all year round. In August 2013 we say a cat from the Faulconbridge area that had 3 mature paralysis ticks on it - see photo of cat with tick on nose. Both dogs and cats need year round tick protection, but there are many products you must not use on your cat. Protecting your cat against ticks is a tricky situation - many of the very effective products that are safe and effective in protecting dogs from ticks are poisonous to cats.

PetFriends only prescribes pet care products that are safe and effective, and pet owners are always upset and surprised to discover that the product they bought from the pet shop or supermarket does not fulfil their pet's needs.

Even worse is when the client discovers that the strong and confident recommendation by the young shop assistant at the pet shop  for tick prevention was really the totally wrong advice. The caring client left the pet shop with a tick prevention product that was toxic to the family cats. Here is  a photo of 2 large ticks on the cat in addition to the tick on the nose. Petfriends vets and nurses are highly skilled and experienced in treating tick paralyis and this cat is making a good recovery.

The most effective tick prevention products for dogs are toxic to cats, and will kill cats. Here are 3 mature adult ticks removed from a stray cat from Faulconbridge in August 2013 beside  a two dollar coin to show the relative size of a mature engorged tick.

If you want the right advice, for the right product, at the right dose, at the right price, please call in at our offices at Faulconbridge and Winmalee to discuss your pet's flea and tick prevention, heart worm prevention, as well as their regular worming. We prefer to discuss this face to face, and not over the phone, as we have the legal requirement to document all our recommendations.

It is scandalous that the registration of pet products in Australia allows antiquated and ineffective products to be sold to unsuspecting pet owners. If you want what is best for your pet ask the pet care experts at PetFriends. We do not give telephone advice on tick protection as a face to face conversation is needed.

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