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The First Night at Home With Your Puppy

The first night home with your new puppy may be a testing experience for both of you. Your puppy has been separated from the pack (his mother and littermates) and crying at night is your puppy's way of calling out for this pack.

Before bedtime, spend some time playing with your puppy; don’t let him nap in the hours leading up to this. You want him to be tired enough to sleep well. Before putting him to bed, take him outside to his toileting area and wait for him to go. When he does praise him as this reinforces good behavior and begins the toilet training process.

A ticking clock or a radio can also help soothe a puppy when he sleeps. You should check on him throughout the night for bathroom breaks.

If your puppy whines during the night and you're sure it's not for need of a toilet break, you can soothe him but don't be too sympathetic, as this will only reinforce the behavior. If he continues to whine, a stern "quiet" will help. If all else fails, ignore his whining. Initially this may be difficult but “tough love” will eventually teach your puppy that crying at night gets him nowhere. Be consistent and persistent with your approach so your puppy is not confused.

In the morning, when you and your puppy get up, immediately take your puppy outside to his toileting area. Carry him so he cannot go before he gets outside. Let him go to the toilet and praise him when he's finished.

A new puppy is like a new baby and don’t be alarmed if you do not get much sleep the first few nights. If you're patient and consistent, your puppy will learn what you expect of him when it's time to sleep.