Litter Trays

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Choosing the correct litter tray set up can be challenging and it may take some time until you get things 100%.

The golden rule is:

Provide every cat in the household with a tray plus an additional tray. Thus, if you have two cats you will need three trays.


Here are some other things to consider:

Type of litter

Cats are desert animals and prefer sandy, soil like litter. Avoid a scented litter as this may discourage your cat from using the tray.

Depth of litter

This can vary cat to cat. Try using litter at a changing depth from one end of the tray to the other and this will provide your cat with a choice.

Type of tray

Heavy and durable plastic is recommended for a cat box. These are easy to clean. Some cats prefer a covered in environment where as others may feel closed in with a lid. A lid also leads itself to poor ventilation. This may need to be a trial and error for your cat.

Size of the tray

Again this varies cat to cat. If you are having trouble getting your cat used to using a tray stat with a large tray. You may even need to source a large plastic container (1m x 1m) and use this initially.

Cleaning recommendations

Cats don't like using a tray if it is heavily soiled. Faeces should be cleaned out daily and the entire tray emptied and cleaned every couple of days.

NEVER use bleach or household cleaning products as the odour from these can discourage your cat from using the tray. It is best to just rinse the tray out with warm water.

Where to place the tray

The tray should be in your cat’s “domain” and a quiet, protected area away from threats such as the nosey dog is perfect. Be aware of scary noises such as the washing machine or the heater. A wardrobe or hallway cupboard sometimes works very well. Even try using height and place the tray on a shelf.

Training a cat to use a tray

Some cats will already know how to use a tray and some will have to be trained. As a rule, cats don’t like to soil where they sleep so placing a cat in a large pen or crate with a bed and the litter box will help. This gives the cat little option when it comes to using the tray and it is either the tray or the bed.

If your cat does have an accident try cleaning it up with a tissue and placing this tissue in the tray, the aim is to get your cat to make associations with the tray. Be patient as it may take a few weeks for your cat to get the idea.